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1- I've been out of the country for nearly a year, so I'm out of touch with everything here.


a) I feel quite like a stranger now that I'm back after almost a year abroad.


b) A year or so abroad will make you feel differently about your own country.


c) On my return after almost a year, I was touched to find so few changes here.


d) The year abroad has estranged me so I don't want to go back to my own country.


e) It will seem strange to be back home after almost a year abroad.




2- We'd better leave right away as the traffic will be heavy at this hour.


a) The sooner they leave the better if they don't want to get caught in the traffic jam.


b) We mustn't leave it too late as the roads are likely to be busy for the next hour.


c) Let's wait an hour so as to avoid some of the heavy traffic.


d) If we set off  now we will avoid most of the heavy traffic.


e) The roads are busy  at this time of day so we ought to set off at once.




3- The harnessing of the wind to genarete electiricity dates back to 1890,

but few notable advances were made until 1970 when energy prices began to rise fast.


a) In 1890 a few efforts were made to generate electiricity from wind power, but it was

    only in 1970 when energy prices rose steepily, that such a scheme was taken seriously.


b) In 1970, when there was a sudden increase in energy prices, efforts were made to harness

the power of the wind for the generation of electiricity for the first time since 1890.


c) It was in 1890 that the wind was first used to generate electiricity, but it was only in 1970 when

energy prices started to rise sharply, that real advances were made.


d) Between 1890 and 1970 various attempts were made to harness the power of the wind as

the rising prices of enegy made this desirable.


e) Impressie advances in the generation of the electiricity from wind power coincided with

rising energy prices in 1970, but the practice actually dates back to 1890.




4- If the others had taken sensible precautions like we did, this tragedy need never have happened.


a) Their tiresome behavior meant that we were all inevitably involved in the tragedy.


b) If they had not behaved so foolishly, they would not have involved us, too, in this tragedy.


c) The tragedy is that this could have been avoided if only they had all controlled their emotions.


d) This tragic outcome could have been avoided, but unlike us, the rest of them behaved rashly.


e) If only they would follow our example and behave in a reasonable manner all this suffering could be avoided.




5- The theory of natural selection made the idea of organic evolution acceptable to the majority of the scientific world.


a) The world's scientists accepted the idea of organic evolution more readily than the concept of natural selection.


b) Without the theory of natural selection to support it, no scientist would ever have approved the theory of organic evolution.


c) It the eyes of the scientific world , the theory of natural selection and the idea of organic evolution are inseparable concepts.


d) It was only after the introduction of the theory of natural selection that scientiscts paid any attention to the idea of organic evolution.


e) On the whole, the scientific world approved the concept of organic evolution once the theory of natural selection had been postulated.




6- Citrus trees thrive on a wide range of soils, but well-drained and slightly acid types are most suitable.


a) The ideal soil for citrus trees is one that is well drained and rather acid; they do not do well in other soils.


b) Though citrus trees prefer a well-drained and slightly acid soil, they do well in many many other types.


c) Citrus trees grow in many different places, but the soil must always be well-drained and fairly acid.


d) The well-drained and rather acid soil that suis citrus trees is the most common of soil types.


e) Citrus trees are particular about the soil on which they grow and do best on well-drained and slightly acid soil types.














Answers :


1- A

2- E

3- C

4- D

5- E

6- B

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